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  • I do not see how to uninstall the v3.0 app.I can inactivate it in excel options. I can update it under the windows start menu. there does not seem to be an uninstall program provided.

  • Hello Dan!


    If you are still unable to uninstall the Excel Add-in after reviewing the uninstall process, you may also find this Microsoft tool useful.


    Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed:


    If you still have issues with uninstalling version 3.0 of the Excel Add-in, please feel free to reach out to Support@anaplan.com and we will have an Analyst help you with the uninstallation process.


  • We use PingID for our SSO authentication. We were able to use v3.0 but it experienced different bugs with different users. We have a ticket open for v3.1, we are no longer able to use v3.1 with no additional changes to SSO. v3.0 continues to work for those users that did not go through the process of installing v3.1.

  • Hi Steven, if you haven't yet, please open a case with support@anaplan.com to discuss further. There are a couple of configuration changes that need to be made, both on your end and on ours, in order to address this issue. This does not impact users still using the 3.0 add-in, and the 3.0 add-in will continue to work after the configuration changes are in place if those users choose to continue to use that version.

  • We logged a ticket as soon as we experienced the issue. Next time there's a release that impacts existing configurations, can this be communicated?

  • For this specific change, we worked directly with the customers we knew impacted. A senior support analyst will follow up through the support case to see how we can best help. Our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

  • It would be great to allow the ability to hide the status window and just let Excel refresh (or make a smaller dialog option).

  • So we are still using version 3.0 and have created multiple spreadsheets that use data pulls using the Excel Add in.  But now the spreadsheet always gives us "cancelling process" whenever we try to re-fresh. This happens even after logging out and then logging back in at a different time of day.  


    Are download sheets created with v3.0 no longer usable, even though we are still on release 3.0 and haven't upgraded to 3.1?

  • Hi,


    would you please document somewhere how to remove a connection from a sheet? Or even better add an user interface way to remove it?


    There seem to be some named ranges so it seems that when deleting them and deleting the lines with the data from Anaplan would probably remove the connection but it's very hackish and non transparent way to do it.


    Thank you


  • Hi all,


    We use SSO through Okta, and recently have had some users have issues downloading the 3.1 add-in.  They successfully go through the download process, but then Excel quits and won't reopen until they remove the add-in.


    Anyone else have a similar issue? 


    PS - All users are on Windows 10

  • We use PingIdentity and haven't been able to use the add-in since the release of v3.1. While our Excel does not crash, we cannot authenticate using SSO and it doesn't make sense for our purposes to make every user an exception user. 

  • Hello!


    I have seen a similar issue to what you have described here where Excel crashes after v3.1 is installed.


    If you are opening a specific workbook when Excel crashes, the issue could be caused by having hidden or locked sheets within that workbook.

    • This prevents the worksheets from being able to update their connection settings to the Anaplan model and thus, causes Excel to crash.
    • The workaround is to uninstall or temporarily disable the add-in, then open the workbook and make sure you unhide or unlock all of the worksheets.
      • You can then reinstall the add-in and open the workbook without issue, allowing all of the worksheets to update their connections to Anaplan.


    If Excel crashes when attempting to open normally, this could be related to having Personal Macros saved within the "PERSONAL" workbook.

    • Personal Macros are custom built Excel macros that are able to be used across all workbooks within Excel, instead of a workbook having its own specific macros.
    • The workaround for this issue is to navigate to the below folder:
      • C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLStart
    • If there is a workbook inside of the above folder path, you can either move this workbook to your Desktop for safe keeping until v3.2 of the add-in is available, or you can delete this workbook to resolve the issue.
      • I recommend the first option of moving the workbook to your Desktop as this will not delete all of your macros that you worked hard to setup in Excel.
      • Once v3.2 of the add-in is released, the macro crashing issue should be resolved and this workbook can then be moved back to the "C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLStart" folder location.

    If the above information does not address your particular crashing issue, or you are still having issues with Excel and the add-in, please submit a support case to Support@anaplan.com and we can further troubleshoot the problem.



    Thank you!

    Jon Ferneau

  • Hello Steven,


    Our Anaplan Support team has seen previous issues with using the Excel Add-ins and PingIdentity as an SSO provider. 


    To successfully utilize the Excel add-in with PingIdentity, further configuration will need to take place, which can be coordinated by our Support team and your internal IT team.


    Please submit a support case to Support@anaplan.com and we can begin the process of configuring everything to work with the add-in. Please also include the version of the Excel Add-in that you are currently attempting to login to with the PingIdentity SSO provider. (Example: Excel Add-in v3.0)

  • Jon,


    Our internal team has been working with support since the first day the Excel Add-in v3.1 was released, without creating exception users which defeats the purpose of SSO, we are unable to use the Excel Add-in within our organization. Excel Add-in v3.0 received too many complains around error messages that users stopped using it, and when Excel Add-in v3.1 was rolled up those users uninstalled v3.0 and installed v3.1. 


    We did also experience issues with SSO using Excel Add-in v3.0 which were reviewed with the Anaplan support team and resolved. New issues occurred as soon as we installed v3.1. 


    Thank you,