Master views to have the same behavior as the Personal views


We always have this issue when in a dashboard is published a selector list and a table (module) that need to need to be synchronized. 


In the master view:

When a user opens for the first time the master dashboard, the selector is on the default element ( first level 0 element from the list or total element of the list)  and the table is opened with the default view which could show an out of sync information between the selector and the table.

We had complaints from the clients about this behavior and the only answer was that the users always need to make an active selection in selector list to activate the sync mechanism or to have a saved personal with a default selection desired. 


In Personal view:

When a personal view is saved with a selection from the selector list, the personal view is opened with the last selector saved selection and the table is synched accordingly. 


I am wondering if it could be possible to activate the same behavior of the personal view also to the master view: to be able to save the master view with a selection of the selector list which also shows an in-synched table. 


The user security issue on the elements could be solved like is solved for personal views: if the personal view is saved with an element that the user cannot see anymore ( security changed) the dashboard is opened with the first level 0 element of the selector where the user has at least read access. 


I think this new feature would be much more appreciated that the feature which for a list it can be set the default element of the selector as the Total element of the list. 







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  • @alexpavel thanks for the feedback. We currently don't have any plans to align the Master view behaviour with that of the Personal view. However as part of the New UX the users page selector is stored in the browser. This means their selection will be remembered across sessions so it should always be set to the right selection for them once they have chosen their initial default.

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