Circular Reference

I am creating a model.


But when I input something on the line items, then there are errors "circular reference" popping up".  Would you help?



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  • Hi Peggy,


    Please provide more context, descriptions and screen shots of your model for us to help.


    But essentially, you get a circular reference problem when you create a line item that refers to itself, eg

    Line Item A = 2 * 'Line item A'




  • I can't add excel or pdf file or add screen shots here.  As I don't have JPEG


    Can you give me an email address to me so that I can send you screen shot

  • Hi Peggy,


    You can do a 'Print Screen', i.e. look for 'prt sc' on your keyboard.

    Then you can insert photo by clicking on the icon as shown below:

    Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 12.55.54 PM.png




  • Here attached is the referencecircular references.PNG

  • I have worked on it for 5 hours.   Many errors.   And now it is 7:05pm in HK.   Please kindly help.   urgent

  • Hi,


    Did you get the error message when you clicked 'Ok' and tried to create the module?


    Normally we get circular reference error when we tried to process a formula.


    Can you try inserting only 1 line item, eg Units and see if the module can be created?




  • I tried… Same error, so I couldn't create a module at all

  • I have tried, same error.  So I can't create a module at all

  • Do you mind give me a call, can be skype...   I can do nothing now

  • Hi,


    I'll pm you.




  • thanks  a lot.



    You will PM me via Skype?   What time?   As it is 7:38pm in HK now.   I am very hungry

  • Great job @LipChean_Soh LipChean!  Thanks for sharing it. 


    I hope @peggyhai  managed to have dinner in time! haha. 

  • I was getting this circular reference error in my Excel application. So I can tell you how I have fixed this error in Excel.

    Well, this particular circular reference error occurs when the formula either directly or indirectly refers to the cell in which it is already contained. Due to this, the formula starts calculating the already obtained result which leads to generating this type of error.


    Give it a try at all the fixes listed in this post. I found this article very helpful as the listed solution worked in my case.

    source: fix circular reference error