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Anyone who has designed dashboards knows that a dashboard designed on one screen will often look quite different on another screen. For example, a grid may appear to be on-screen when viewing a dashboard on a desktop with a large monitor, but when viewed on a smaller-screen laptop the grid is partially off-screen. This is also a big issue for textbox sizing, which does not dynamically update with different screens.


In short, there is likely a bit of development to be done that will allow dashboards to dynamically fit whichever screen they are displayed on. Other tools such as Workday, Adaptive and Host (inferior for other reasons) seem to have figured out how to size everything on one screen, so it would be exceptional if Anaplan could do the same.

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  • Not for me to say but I guess that's something that is in scope but that will only be delivered with the new UX .

    If you haven't heard about it, the above link is a good starting point.  Meanwhile, here is the High Level Roadmap (we are in Beta Release at the moment). I'd suggest to engage with your Customer Success Business Partner to receive specific information and updates (particularly on the timeline and other key considerations specific to your implementation/use cases)

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  • To clarify, attached are two screenshots. This is an extremely basic example of the issue (more extreme cases result in action buttons being off-screen or charts being larger on one screen than another after using precise pixel settings), but it highlights that something is going on with screen ratio settings for things out of our control as model builders.


    In these screenshots, a text box is wider than the width of a laptop screen causing users to have to navigate double scroll bars. But on the desktop that our consultant used (second screenshot) the text box does not nearly take up the full length of the screen. He has a wider screen, but I feel that dashboard elements should be programmed to properly detect the edge of a screen (much like how any webpage will be sized appropriately regardless of what computer or browser you are using).Screenshot 1.jpgScreenshot 2.jpg

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