Applying DISCO labels to Model Map


I  would like to apply the DISCO-methodology to the Model Map. The most efficient way would be to label the Functional Areas to the DISCO. 

The model map could then be visually sequenced based on the DISCO steps: 


This could improve the value of the model map, because it shows the data flow more clearly. Also, it enables the modellers to model better in accordance with DISCO. 

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  • @jvanrooij 

    You can do this now

    Functional areas are editable by the end user and then you can apply them to the modules


  • thutten

    Hi David,


    What Jeroen & I are getting is slightly different.

    1: Next to the functional areas it would be great to group the functional areas in a DISCO grouping.This would make it possible for the model to visually mimic the DISCO view (sequentially ordered from D to O) as we see that the ordering is now sometimes very much oriented towards the relations while we want the data flow to become more clear and thereby adding more value to a Model Map

    So in conclusion: yes we can already apply the DISCO to the naming of functional areas, but it would be really nice if the model map would follow suit based on this DISCO naming!

  • @thutten 

    Yep totally agree with that - I see DISCO as sub functional areas and I have asked to have a module "type" to follow DISCO and having that on the model map would be great

    One thing to add is that the model map is automatically generated, but if you build as advocated in DISCO, without subsidiary views, generally the flow is clearer

    Thanks for promoting DISCO!


  • Miran
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  • I would like to see this implemented

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I tend to see functional areas and disco types as 2 distinct views.

    Functional areas follow our business logic and ideally are built around our business process flow, while disco are used to segregate modules for easier reading and maintenance.

    If labels could be added and be seen in model map, that would materialize the disco types while maintaining the functional areas groupings

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