Don't block manual input if a line item doesn't contain all dimensions of the module


We have a model that is based on dimension A and months and contains 2 line items:

-Line item 1 (manual input): applies only to dimension A

-Line item 2 (has a formula): applies to dimension A and months


If we publish this module to a dashboard with month as page selector, it is not possible to change the value of Line item 1. However it should not matter which month is selected and theoretically you should be able to amend the value (if you select another month the value keeps the same).


The current (****) workaround is to publish 2 modules next to each other. On the right the one with line item 1 in a module without the month dimension and one on the left with line item 2 on a module with the month dimension.


This theoretical example occurs occasionally when model building.

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