Have display name overwrite for modules/actions

Hi, as model builder it would be very handy to start using naming conventions like in the blog of @joeymorisette 

Time to Tidy: No More Mess in Your Models.


With some naming conversions it would also be easy to sort your modules/actions (or in theory any object) on name, however if you publish modules to a dashboard you don't want to see the name OUT01xxx, OUT02xxx, etc... for the end user.

My idea is to add a display name (functional name) column that will be used as display name if it is populated. Otherwise it will show the original (technical name). This will help us in a better structure of our models.

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  • It's hard to overstate how useful this would be. 


    We have so many modules, dashboards and actions, many of which use very similar words in their names, so we end up having slightly separate them by using silly things like a period, hyphens underscores etc, or slight variations of the words. None of these options present very well, and end up confusing the end users.


    Being able to have a actions, dashboard names, module titles that all allow unrestricted display text that Anaplan won't reject (because the REAL module / action / dashboard name is hidden in the background) would be amazing.

  • For me, the "alias" concept hits so many places

    List display names (for all lists)

    Module display names

    Actions / processes

    Time scale formats

    Language support

    etc etc.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Yes, this would be a very helpful feature, which should be included as part of a broadened language support.

  • This would be a very useful feature and would really help save space. 

  • Status changed to: In Review

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