Ability to Merge and / or Replace a dashboard with another dashboard


I would like to be able to replace a dashboard with another dashboard and have Anaplan automatically make all the changes needed to make the replacement be and act as though it was the original the whole time i.e. do all the renaming, change all actions, filters, permission etc. 



When trying to prevent new features on existing dashboards from going live before they're ready, we have resorted to building a dashboard mockup so it can be tested. Then right before it goes live, there really seem to be two options:


Option 1. The mockup dashboard replaces the old dashboard, i.e. it must be renamed, all actions pointing to the old one must be adjusted, dashboard permissions must be copied over to the new one etc.  

-- OR --

Option 2. The new features must be rebuilt on the existing dashboard.  


Both of these options basically duplicate work and have leave a lot of room for error.  Because of how challenging it is to track down all the things that must change to accomplish Option 1, we currently just rebuild the features, which is a huge waste



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