Introduce sequential lists (Array or Linked list)


As model builder I would like to make use of sequential lists (Array or Linked list) to avoid circular references. This can be useful in many calculations..

Native functions like PREVIOUS() or NEXT() could only be applied on line items which are on the time dimension. Such functions should then also work for the sequential list as well, without causing a circular reference. Theoretically you don't have a circular reference if the list is properly sequenced with a PREVIOUS and NEXT item.


Sequential lists you could think about:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ....

Jan, Feb, Mar, ....

Asset nbr 1, Asset nbr 2, Asset nbr 3, ... (we have modeled whole manufacturing routes)



At the moment if I require this I map the original list item to a date. Do the calculations on that 'date' item and then map it back to the original list item. E.g. for an allocation algorithm allocating demand based on margin using constrained capacity buckets. The workaround is however limited as you can only use 1 time dimension per module/line item.


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  • Judging by the amount of workarounds posted on Community using "custom time" lists instead of native model time, this would be valuable for a lot of model builders.

  • Miran
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  • For Supply Chain Planning processes this would be very useful to ease the creation of iterative algorithms. For example to allocate stock from a Distribution Center to different Stores.

  • This would be useful for creating cashflow models.  You could create a calculation grid over a serialized list which could be independent of time and then sum into the model calendar.

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