Using different versions in formula




I'm trying to create a formula that has 2 different views of forecasts. My current and my previous. Current is pulling in fine. Struggling to create a formula that says Fcst V2 = Previous months Forecast. So if Current forecast is p4. I want my FCST V2 to equal my p3 Current forecast. 


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  • DavidSmith
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    Set up a module dimensioned by you "versions" list and create Boolean line items for each, so effectively it is Versions by Versions

    Tick each versions against each one, so effectively you have a "diagonal" set of tick boxes

    Then in you target formula you can refer to this module:


    IF version mapping.IsversionFcst2? then else IF version mapping.IsversionPrevFcst then ..,. etc.


    Does that make sense?