Referencing Model Calendar in Formula

Hi all, 

I am trying to see if there is a way to reference the model calendar in a formula.

I want to return the fiscal year that the week is in.

e.g Week 1 FY19

Result would be FY19

The intention is to use this to lookup other data, 

E.g IF  Fiscal year = FYxx then...

I have a Timing - Calendar Module (screenshot below) if that helps...

Any help appreciated.





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  • rob_marshall
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    @Gslater ,


    Is the Time Calendar you have above based on "real time" or fake time?  If real time, simply create a line item (for instance your Fiscal YR), formatted as Time Period - Year.  Enter the formula, item(time).






    Hope this helps,



  • rob_marshall
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    @Gslater ,


    Sure...Real Time is the true Time dimension vs. Fake Time is a list that "looks" like real time.  Based on your question, I am assuming you are using "Real" Time.






  • Hi Rob, 

    Can you explain what you mean by Real time / Fake time?

    Also I'll give the solution a go.

  • Hi,


    Real Time is native Anaplan Time; fake time is a custom list that may look akin to Anaplan Time when used in a module, (such as a custom list of weeks, with parent list items representing months), but is not Anaplan Time.. .and doesn't respond to built-on time related functions and behaviors.


    In Rob's example, formatting the line item to Year (...Anaplan Time in Years) causes the formula "Item(Time)" to return the current year's value... in order for this to work, the Time Scale must be included (in some way) in the module/line item (apart from the Format of the line item itself)