Ability to 'Show All' when editing a quick filter


As an dashboard user, I want to be able to show all when editing a quick filter.


If you have a quick filter applied to a list formatted line item, currently if you try to edit that quick filter the drop down will no longer include items that were filtered out. This means that those items can not be quickly added back in. The whole filter needs removing and setting up again.


In the example below, I have a list formatted line item 1 dimensioned by time

quick 1.png

Here, I have applied a quick filter to only show values of A for the line item 1. When I go to edit this quick filter, I am unable to then include other values as they are now omitted for the drop down.

quick 2.png

The benefit of including a 'Show All' button here would be that it allows users to quickly filter items back in and prevent them having to remove and re-apply the filter, saving time and frustration.

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  • Miran
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  • Love this. Its so frustrating having to do many mouse clicks to achieve a simple task!


    Quick filter functionality is very useful but it needs to be improved :


    Copy/Paste a list of item (or code) from Excel (or other tool). Indeed, if the numbers of item we want to apply in the Quick Filter is high, type or select one by one each item is time consuming.


    Easily add other items if a quick filter is already set. Today, to do it, we have to delete the quick filter and do again the selection of member. Thus, for instance if we have selected 20 items, and we want to add one more item, quick filter must be removed, and selection of 21 items must be done, it is very time consuming.

  • "Quick Filter" is a nice feature, but these proposed enhancements are really needed to simplify the work of users when they use it.

    And if "Quick Filters" are more user friendly, they could conveniently replace some complex selections done today with "User Filters".

  • I would be extremely cautious with this, especially since the feature is responding to filters that the user may not be putting in place.

    Adjusting the quick filter to include all, based on the default allowances within the dashboard is quite different then allowing to view all.

  • I find it useful to see the quick filter with the initial values (similar to Excel), however, I think it will be challenging to implement it. 


    My impression is that "Quick filter" is populated with the values that are present in that moment showed in the module...but, indeed, it would a very nice to have. 




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