ABS formula



anyone who can help on formula "ABS"? 

I need to get the absolute value of the line item, but Anaplan seems to round off the item.

Any notes on this? Thank you.


Below is the screenshot for sample:



  • anirudh

    Hi Sarah,


    The issue is with the VALUE formula and not with the ABS formula

    This occurs in Anaplan when the value formula is used on a string greater than 16 characters


    Screenshots below taking example of Row 8 in your screenshot


    16 chars screenshot



    17 chars screenshot



    I don't think there is any way to avoid this behavior..


    Can you please elaborate on why this formula is required and maybe we can think of another way of achieving it




  • @SarahE 

    Silly question

    Could you try bringing in the contract number as a number? and then convert to text to join with the company code

    Also, why do you need the ABS, that will only happen if the Company code is negative?

    And do you need the Company code and contract number as a number rather than a text field?


    Finally, it would be better to provide the join in the source file if possible - that prevents all of the above!