How to take summary values into calculations?


Hi i'm trying to get last fiscal year actual values but not able to take it to next year budgeting please help.Below i'm putting the logic & where i'm struggling.

Time      apr-18  may-18 aug18.......FY18-19  Apr-19     may-19       jun-19         jul-19                 Fy19-20

Actual    1000   2000       1000       4000

Budget                                                             4000/12     4000/12   4000/12     4000/12


Here i'm not able to get that 4000(summary of FY18-19) into next line item.

Please help.

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  • bdeaton
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    Could you:
    1- Create a staging line item called “prior year”. Set the format to year. Formula to parent (parent (item (time)) - 1. This should return, for each month, the year that is the prior year.

    2 - then, set your formula to reference your actual line item but add a lookup of the staging line item in step 1

    Can you try the above and let me know if that gets you what you are needing, or what doesn’t work as expected?
  • rob_marshall
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    @bdeaton ,


    While you absolutely correct in what to do, please put the "staging" line item in a SYS Time Module (only dimensionalized by Time and not in the main module.  This will not only help the calculation speed, but will also now be available for other model builders as the "staging" will not be hidden away in a "calculation" module.  Also, I don't believe there is a need for the parent(parent(item(time))), simply format the line item to Year with the formula being item(time).









  • LipChean_Soh
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    Assuming you're using the standard versions, and not a custom version, you can try the following, which is also suggested by @bdeaton . I only attached some screen shots for your reference.


    Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 3.14.56 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-05 at 3.15.50 PM.png


    Note the 'Formula Scope'.