Calcuation of subsets as my allocation basis


Hi guys, how can i get the totals of my subsets in my formula so the totals of my denominator will only be the totals of the subsets? Thanks in advance.

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  • Jitendra.Vishnolia


    You can use Sum & Select function to get the value of the total of subset in formula by selecting the Top level item of the list .

    Please find the detailed snapshots below

    Step 1: Create Top level item in the List.




    Step 2: Check with the List and the subset






    Step 3: In the Module Create a Boolean formatted line Item where the subset is in “Applies to” with TRUE.  As shown below






    Refer this line item to get the totals of Subset as in “ss total” line item using Sum & select item.

    You will get the desired subset totals in line items.



    Hope this helps.




  • It worked. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • SantoshPadhi
    edited May 2023

    @Jitendra.Vishnolia Would you mind explaining this a little bit in detail. I am facing a similar issue wherein I need to calculate the ratio each list subset item makes of the total but I am unable to use list subset in the sum or lookup function. The screenshots you have pasted in your post do not seem to align with the description.