1:1 relationship for sales title and plan ID will now be 1:many




We have a list called Sales Titles which has all of our Sales Titles. The code for each sales title is a plan ID. 1:1 relationship. Some sales titles have the same exact plan components, but just different plan IDs. We have a request that now they are reducing the number of plan IDs as some sales titles have the same plan. For example, there will now be 4 different sales titles but all will have the same plan, which will have the same plan ID. Our current system is built with this 1:1 relationship. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to build this new requirement or has ran into a new requirement like this? 





  • Ideal way is to create Plan ID list as a Parent of Sales Title, this may require significant amount of changes.


    For easier way, you could concatenate Plan Id + Sales Title as a code of sales title, which will be unique for each sales title. You could have a property line item "Plan Id" in a module with dimension sales title. Using this you can aggregate data to Plan Id.




  • Hi,


    Do see if the following time dependent Sales to Plan relationships shown below works for you.

    The 'Plan' formatted list is a field you can assign to different Sales at different point of time.

    To prevent yourself from entering new/old Plan ID every month, you can use the formula shown below to update itself with previous Plan ID unless there's a change in this month's Plan ID.

    Then subsequent modules can refer to 'Plan ID (Final)' for an up to date Sales-Plan assignment.


    Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 7.20.36 AM.png


    Another observation i made is that you use 'Plan ID' as the Code of Sales ID. I would strongly suggest against it, because we should use CODE the way it's intended, i.e. as a unique alphanumeric texts to identify the particular list member, so that Inbound/ Outbound integration is made easier. Having a good CODE naming convention is important towards Connected Planning.