Happy National Doughnut Day!



It’s finally here… Happy National Doughnut Day!!!

In the midst of our final preparations for the Connected Planning Experience (CPX) next week in San Francisco, we here in the Anaplan Minneapolis office have paused for a moment to celebrate this fun—and delicious—national holiday.

So what’s the big deal? Everyone grabbed a doughnut and went back to work, right? Not exactly…

Anaplan Minneapolis enjoys National Doughnut Day with a sweet treat.Anaplan Minneapolis enjoys National Doughnut Day with a sweet treat.

We took this opportunity to connect with each other over what’s happening in our corners of the Anaplan world. There were discussions on everything from the aforementioned CPX planning and updates to some creative discussions around current projects and initiatives that our teams are currently focused on.

Who could forget the Doughnut “A” at our Hub (now CPX) 2018 conference?!Who could forget the Doughnut “A” at our Hub (now CPX) 2018 conference?!Consider it Connected Planning on a smaller, but no less effective, scale as we break down silos and discuss some plans with one another. Even here in the Minneapolis office, we don’t always get the time we’d like to catch up with each other on the latest projects, news, etc. Today, though, we were intentional about leveraging National Doughnut Day to change that, bringing Anaplanners from multiple teams, including Customer Care, Academy, Sales, Marketing, Workplace Services, Community—even our Anaplan Interns took the opportunity to take a break and talk shop.

Aside from the mental break, fun experience, delicious treat, and opportunity for Connected Planning on a smaller scale, Forbes agrees that breaks like these, “especially lunch breaks,” lead to a decrease in stress and a positive re-charge for the rest of an employee’s workday.


More Holiday Fun:

So don’t feel guilty…have a doughnut today! Share a picture of your sweet treat and tell us about how you connected with your team on National Doughnut Day. See you at CPX!