NPV Formula with time adjust.


Hi, I need to replicate this formula from excel:


=VNA(wacc;cash flow)*(1+wacc)^0,5


Could you please help me? Thanks



  • Use the functions

    NPV, POWER Functions in anaplan to acheive the same.

    Make sure your Cashflow and WACC are line items with the values
  • Hi, 

    I am not an Excel expert functions and I do not know all the context of the current Excel file.


    However, assuming that "wacc" and "cash flow" will be line items in your Anaplan model, you can use a combination of NPV and SQRT Anaplan functions functions


     = NPV(wacc, cash flow) * SQRT(1 + wacc)


  • Yes you should be able to acheive it
  • Thank you all, for the quick reply.


    Unfortunatelly the result of the formula does not match exactly with the Excel formula.


    As far as I know, it is on Anaplan's roadmap o release the NPV formula that matches.



  • Hi


    Have just used simple case for CF and Rate and NPV to show the results of excel and anaplan.


    Attaching the screenshot along with formula in Anaplan.NPV Testing.png