Delta load for Numbered lists


How to implement Delta load for Numbered lists in Anaplan ?


  • Hi There,

    I assume you mean loading a delta of members into the numbered list into Anaplan via a text file import action and not a data hub to spoke model type situation.

    There are multiple options for this to identify what has been 'newly added':
    - Delete the entire numbered list each time you re-import the members (you will lost data associated to those members however)
    - Have a boolean flag that is cleared prior to load and then loaded into the list to represent the 'latest updated members' from the file
    - Have a date field that is updated when loading the file into Anaplan via the import action to refer to the day it was loaded in Anaplan

    Side note is that you might want to consider what happens to deleted members as well - possibly a deleted flag or deleted on field
  • Please do not delete the list and then re-add it as this taxes the system unnecessarily.  It is best to have a boolean flag that is brought in from the source system.



  • Agreed with not deleting from the list unnecessarily! Hopefully OP can provide more context around what they are trying to achieve, otherwise those are the 'possible' options that I can think of