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I think this should be an easy solution, and maybe i am trying too hard

Consider the module below, data coming from a list start date, end date, and a count (1 = yes, 0 = no)


I want to populate Previous YN with a 1 IF the promo count was 1 for the previous period.

So in the example above #2: 31/01/2018 to 28/02/2018 was a promo period, so the promo count =1

Therefore the period starting the #3: 28/02/2018 should show a 1 because the previous period promo count was 1.

The period from #4: 31/03/2018 however should show 0 because the previous period promo count was 0.

I put the expected result in manually in the previous YN column.





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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Do see if the following works. I have scrambled the order of Start and End Date.

    Promo uses 'Day' as the Time dimension. Do switch off the summary of this module to save some workspace.

    Please make sure that Start Date of an entry is the same as the End Date of a previous entry.



    Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.52.08 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.55.40 PM.png




  • anirudh

    Hi Kev,


    The answer is below, however please follow it only if you are unable to dimension the module in the screenshot by a time dimension. Ideally, you would dimension the module by Anaplan Time (and not by the #1, #2... list in your screenshot). The Start Date line item would be formatted with date and have the formula START(), the End Date line item would be formatted with date and have the formula END(). Then the formula for Previous YN would be PREVIOUS(Promo Count)


    To solve the problem as it exists right now;

    Go the list in the module above and create a property called Previous with the line item as the list itself. Manually map each member of the list to the previous one (screenshot below)


    Then enter this formula in the previous YN line item: Promo Count[LOOKUP: List.Previous]




  • Hello, i cannot do that.

    This is just a sample, i have 20,000 rows of data, and i need to see if a line of data anywhere in the list has the same end date as my start date, and if it was a promo count of 1. The example i gave was just a simplified version. They will never be in order as shown, that was just for ease of explanation


  • Worked a treat. thank you