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I would like the ability to perform a model wide find and replace of a word.  I should have the option to include text boxes, dashboard names, module names, line item names, action names, help text, tool tips, and literally ANYWHERE else in the model this word or string occurs.  It should basically behave like Excel's find and replace, allowing me to choose options of what I want to apply it to, where to limit looking to, whether to be case specific etc.


This would be really helpful when a simple change is needed for a large model. 

For example: with hundreds of modules, thousands of actions and all the content on dashboards, if I want to make all variations of "OPEX", "OpEx", & "opex" to all be standardized to be "OPEX", I should be able to do that simply through a global find and replace.  Currently this is fully manual making a simple idea into a massive undertaking. 

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  • Miran
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  • MGerke

    I also support adding a find and replace feature. For example, if I have a line item titled FY22 in multiple modules, I would like to use a find and replace feature for all line items in Anaplan to change from FY22 to FY23. 

  • I discovered that Ctrl F "Find" seems to work in the Edit formula box and the drop down arrow provides a "Replace" Well done Anaplan. I love it.😍

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