User-Defined templates for new Modules / Lists / Dashboards (instead of a blank canvas)


As a model builder I'd like to be able to create a module template for use when anyone clicks "create new module" so that when any model builder begins making a new module the "empty module" they start from is my designated template.  This would likely include various pre-named and formatted line items, categories, with summary settings, etc. 


While we do have a template module in our model, 9 times out of 10 a model builder just clicks "create new module" and begins working from a totally blank module because they forget to open the template module and copy for use as their starting point. Ultimately this results in no real standard list of items found in modules, and a complete toss up of various styles used to build modules. 


I would also like a similar template approach to be used for creating new Lists (I would always include certain list properties, i.e. Display Name etc.) and new dashboards (we use certain text fields, styles, fonts in the sample places on all dashboards).  Any time a user creates one of these it should open with the set template instead of a blank canvas.

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