Updation of master data and its reflection in spoke model

I performed an incremental load / full load of the master data(lists) from my Data Hub to a Spoke Model. Now, in my data hub, I renamed a list item in one of my lists and I want to update the same in my spoke model in some way without having to manually change the same in the spoke model. Is there any way to handle this problem statement ?


  • Hi Rahul,


    Include list item name in the Checksum condition. So in this way without any manual change , the data will go to spoke model.

    Please read the attached link, point 7 for clear picture.



    ~Vignesh M

  • Hi @RahulSahoo 


    If the import of the list from the data hub to the spoke model contains the updated list member within the import then it should not interfere and cause any problem statement when the action for the process is run in the spoke model to import the list from the data hub. It will just update the list items name, assuming this all that you have changed and the unique identifier remains the same.]





  • Hi, 


    As far as I know, the only way to automatically rename a name of an element into a list using a process is to have defined also the code in the list and the mapping in the import list action to be done as "code only".


    Otherwise, you need to manually rename the element/s in the list both in source (data hub) and also in target in the downstream (spoke) models.