Allow specific list grouping within the Admin Settings Panel


At present , the Admin settings panel used by model builders to create and build new lists for their modules and driving functions do not have the specific list grouping feature. Under Lists and Roll-Ups , we only have General Lists acting as the parent for all lists within the model. To create a better understanding of model structure we use the following grouping for list


Create a list called Functional Area A (Related to specific master data/business function) with no data type to just act as a grouping separator. Put relevant lists under it , move on to create the next separator and repeat. The structure looks something like

-----Master Data From Data HUB---

List A

List B

List C

----Functional Area A-----

List D

List E

--- Reporting Metrics---

List F


and so on.


However, because these separators are self created there is no option to collapse them like we can do for standard Functional Areas on the content section.  For a model with multiple lists, its really inconvenient to view and edit lists because you cannot collapse separators.


It would be extremely beneficial to model builders if Anaplan extends the concept of Functional Areas in Contents to the settings panel allowing us to create specific Functional separators to group lists and then the groups can be collapsed while looking at/editing lists for a better and cleaner model building experience.



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  • Hi @avirup.sen , great idea! The idea could be extended for all the objects: Why not do the same for Modules and Actions too?

  • Hi @****.kaandorp absolutely, this would really enhance the experience and help a lot when trying to filter out specific objects .

  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • DavidE

    This idea keeps coming up, but there seems to be a lack of recognition as to how big of a deal this would be for model builders to manage larger more complicated models.


    Here's one request for it:

    Here's my own request:


    This concept should be not held to just lists, but Actions, Modules, Dashboards, Lists etc. Generally giving Model Builders the ability to keep a clean and organized model is a good thing:


    In my personal opinion, this one needs to be reconsidered by Anaplan.  @simon_ritchie any chance you can help clarify why this hasn't been moved to the roadmap?  I imagine this to look something like this....

    Anaplan - Collapsible Groups.PNG


  • Its got my vote 😃


    I'll have some conversations here and see whats possible.

  • This has my vote as well. 

    @DavidE reminds a good point about an issue with the Idea Exchange forum. With the community and number of Anaplanners increasing we are seeing more and more duplicated entries : this is a good example of good ideas soon disappearing from the radar, coming up from time to time but never quite make it 🙂

    I logged a separate request here suggesting to perform better filtering before a new submission is visible to the rest of the community, trying to avoid duplicates - this should help keeping everything a bit more focused. 

  • DavidE

    @Alessio_Pagliano It's a valid point.  Strangely these three duplicate ideas even have different statuses: one shown as "under investigation" (mine, 0 votes), one "needing community support" (this one) and one "not planned" the one with the most votes?). 


    @Miran Is there some way that duplicate ideas can be tagged / grouped / linked together or somehow combined into some broader idea? The point being to help focus the Anaplan community in on the main idea of the various similar feature requests?

  • Rebecca
    Status changed to: In Review

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