How to split vendors into Above a certain amount, show vendor name, else show and MISC.


Doing an OpEx forecast. I have the usual OpEx Account list and Department list along with vendor list. 


However, on the module, I want to show vendors under the GL. When I do this, it shows all the vendors and I want show vendors above a certain amount. Any idea on how to approach this? I tried a numbered list but I can't sum it. Any advice appreciate it. 


  • anirudh

    Hi Kdoan,

    Can you please specify if there are any parent-child relationships between the lists you mentioned?

    You can use a filter to achieve this. In the module with the vendor dimension; create a boolean formatted line item with the formula: Vendor amount > Amount (Specify the desired number instead of Amount)


    Then go to the module in the dashboard and through Data > Filters, add the filter line you just created

    If I've misunderstood the problem, could you please share a screenshot of the dashboard?