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I need to be able to create a DB that allows me to choose what currency to display. At the moment I have data in various currencies, a currency conversion module has been made which hosts GBP, Local Currency and USD. I've created the FX List. What I need to do now is on the dashboard somehow create a page selector that allows me to choose a currency. When I choose that currency I should see the data table change to display that. I think i'm missing a few steps, not sure how to proceed.


  • @hinamahmood1994 ,


    If the module containing the data is dimensionalized by Currency, you should be able to sync it with the page selector.

  • @rob_marshall 

    Not sure how that would work. Currency converter is in a separate module to where my data tables are hosted. 

  • @hinamahmood1994 ,


    Correct, you have your currencies in a list by Time and you have your inputted data in a different module.  For the reporting module, you will need to dimensionalize it by the Currency list, by Time, and if you have Entity or Product.  Your line item would be Currency Module.Data * Inputted Data Module.Data.  By doing this, it will automatically find the correct currency when doing the conversion as well as allowing you to sync the data.




  • Hi @rob_marshall , 


    That makes sense.  I'm getting stuck on selecting the currencies. 


    currency issue.PNG

  • @hinamahmood1994 ,


    Not sure why you need Conversion Year, Month, and Week when you are only showing the Year value.  With that said, you don't need line items for conversion for each currency, just one, and then let the system do the work for you.  Your formula should be 'Closing Stock Value * Sys Currrency.Data (assuming your currency module is named Sys Currency.


    Hope this helps,