I am trying to take a 3 part Unique ID with delimiters and separate it at the delimiters. I can achieve this for the first 2, but not the last part.


ex: 123-0542-236541

LEFT(NAME(ITEM(LIST)), Delimiter in Item Name - 1) = 123

RIGHT(NAME(ITEM(LIST)), Delimiter in Item Name) = 0542

Delimiter in Item Name = FIND("-", Item Name)



I can not parse the digits after the last delimiter. Anyone? Is it possible? Any Ideas on how to parse it a different way? 


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  • @ToddKavanaugh ,


    Absolutely...Do a length of the item and then subtract the number obtained from the 2nd delimiter.  To do this, store the 2nd delimiter in a line item.  Also, if you want to make this the most performant, create a line item just for the item and then reference that line item.  This way, you don't have to keep doing the NAME(Item(list)).


    Hope this helps,



  • Rob, Thanks.. I am going to play with this. I think i understand.

    Totally with you on the NAME(ITEM(LIST). Only do it once. LEFT(Item Name, Delimiter in Item Name - 1)

    I have the length already, LENGTH(Item Name). My only confusion is how to obtain the number from the second delimiter? can you explain that a little more?
  • YES!!!! Thank you..
  • alan

    This was very helpful. Thank you to all contributors!