Filter a module over a dimension subset


Currently if a module has complete list as a dimension, and a line item has it's subset as a dimension, the filter won’t work for that line item.


For example you can have a module for forecasting clients sales. The clients dimension is obviously needed both for Actual sales and Forecast line items. But you wouldn't need a Correction for inactive clients. Say, we maintain a subsets for active clients. We apply it towards the Correction line item, but this means an end user won't be able to filter out the nonblank corrections anymore. This is the error he'll receive:


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  • Miran
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  • Hi! 

    If it's a question of how to put corrections only for active clients and save filtering functionality (not about the size of the 'correction' line item), I would rather use DCA here instead of subsets. Then filtering would work properly for users.


    But I agree, the problem with subsets which are not usually recognized as the part of the list automatically (when filtering or, f.e., using SUM finction) is quite annoying. 

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