Shared weeks (splited by months)


We use ISO calendar split. This mean that a year contains about 52 calendart week and about 63 shared weeks: when a week is located in two months at the same time. This is the only way to move back and forth between Months and Weeks. Currently we have to maintain false Time hierarchy in order to have this option.

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  • This would be helpful to allow retail companies to allocate from weeks to calendar months, where the week contains days from prior month and days from current month. If we can identify the % of days from prior vs. current using a function, then it becomes much easier to allocate week values to proper months without having to develop allocation process and use fake time?

  • @joleary don't actually get your question. The reason I posted the initial idea was the requirement that we need to implement somehow in Anaplan. Any rough percents calculation won't fix the issue. We need the full real week/month combinations. It'd be much more convenient to have them inside the default system Lists, not user-defined.

  • @Kavadera thanks for comment. I see the % of week conversion as a complement to the functionality that you have proposed. Unless, I misunderstood, I believe you are suggesting that Anaplan provide a different week period that includes additional weeks (total of  63) to account for the week periods that fall between months, e.g. 2 days in Jan and 5 days in Feb? This would allow planning at a week level that would roll to calendar month accurately. For those customers who plan based on 52 week year, the % allocation would be an alternative approach to accomplish the similar outcome. I could see a situation where both capabilities would be applicable.

  • @joleary I agree that calculations can be both bottom-up or top-down. The main idea is to have the necessary split. Currently there is no way you can have a week list splitted by months in a single dimension, so we had to create a user-defined List for that:



  • Hugo

    This has also been a real issue for us.

    Our contractors that have build our biggest model have use native Anaplan time dimension and configured it to match our calendar.

    We found out the hard way when 2020 did not have a Week 53. As a quick fix we moved our volume from Week 53 to Week 52 in the Datahub... but did not realized that the Anaplan Week 1 of 2021 would in fact be a Week 53 of 2020 on ISO Calendar, therefore all of our weeks are offset by 1...

    Contractor should have used Custom Time Dimension instead, and it will be a massive work to change/convert all modules without loosing data.

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