Summing Module Results at Different Levels in Hierarchy? Even when I exclude the parent.

This is in regards to the SUM on the bottom right corner when you highlight the total number. It varies from different Hierarchy level of my chart of account. 


I have a parent and child chart of account with a top level. 




     COA L1


Top level is Total GL


When I click total GL only and not select the rest, it shows me the correct number. However, when I click L2 or L3, the Sum number on the bottom right corner changes. Is there a reason why.


Keep in mind I uncheck the the rest of the COA and only want to show it at the L3 level. So its not adding up the total from the parent or any other roll up. 

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  • kavinkumar
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    HI @kdoan ,


    If that is the only filter, can you please modify the filter as not equals to 0 instead >0 and let me know the outcome after doing it.


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  • Hi,


    I see data for the "N/A" vendor grouping at the Vendor L1 level but I don't see a grouping for it at the Vendor Rollup level, so seems to be excluded from the totals.  Can you un-nest the dimensions, then show all, then re-nest, then reselect levels to confirm you get the same mismatch in totals?  



  • Hi,


    I tried it several ways and reselecting several different levels. I included a screen shot of my vendor list. I am lost on what to do. 

  • It seems like the SUM difference is at the COA level not vendor. The amount will change depending on the COA level I select. The correct amount is the TOTAL GL. When I reach Level 2 or 3, it will change. 




    I included some screenshot. Hope that helps. 

  • Thanks. Have you used the drill down functionality at the total GL level to view the component totals and then compared against the L2 & L3 totals you are getting in your views?  That should help isolate where you are getting the discrepancy. 


    As an example, you can compare the totals you are getting for the 5000 accounts in your reselect levels view to the totals when drilling into the total GL level to see if it is isolated to an account/vendor.  


    Alternatively you can try to isolate by pivoting.  Move vendor to the top rather than as a nested dimension and try to tie out at the all vendor level then pivot on the component vendors to help troubleshoot the issue.  It looked like in the first set of screenshots there was one view where NA was not included as a vendor in the 5000 account totals at all, so total GL level was a much higher number. 

  • HI @kdoan ,


    I think you are putting filters and because of which there is a mismatch between the child and parent level. So don't compare the values which you are getting at the bottom right corner when you apply filter.


    Please find the attached mock up for better understanding.


    Let me know if you have any question.





  • Hi Kavin,


    Thank you for the explanation. This is very interesting. Do you know why the filter will alter the sum total? The only filter I applied is to show everything greater than 0. I don't see why this will affect the Sum total.