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I was wondering if there is in Anaplan the equivalent of the "COUNTIF" Excel formula: basically counting the cells in that range that match a specific condition. I was thinking of using it for calculating the % of Cost Centres that have input data so far against the one that have no values.


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  • DavidSmith
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    As shown below

    Now this is a very simple example, and if it is a simple as this, then there is no need to split the condition into a separate line, but if the condition starts getting complex, it is better to split it up as per 2.02-18 in the Planual




    I hope this is clear



  • Unfortunately not

    You will need two line items:

    One for calculate the condition

    One to hold the value for the TRUE state (IF condition THEN value else 0)



  • Hi David,


    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    Can you be a little more specific and give me an example?