Why won't my vendor roll up to my Total department. It seems to be only this vendor.


I created a a vendor call MISC. Its to group all the vendor under a certain amount to MISC rather than showing a bunch of vendor. When I select Total Department, MISC won't show up. But if I go to the specific department call N/A or No Department, which is the roll up level. It will show up. I tried moving N/A around to other roll up departments and it still have the same problem. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong. I even include a screenshot of my upload CSV to show that its not an upload issues. 


Anyone have any ideas what am I doing wrong?



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  • kdoan

    Thank you. You pointed me in the right direction lol. My filter was define anything greater than 0 so any negative number was filter out. 

  • No worries, it happens to everyone