Using Lists in IF formula


I'm trying to create a formula to say IF 'countries-filter'.'1' LOOKUP[Countries.'UK & ROI' ] THEN 'Actual (Current View)' - 'Forecast (Current View)' ELSE 'Actual (Current View)' - 'Forecast (Previous View)'. 


My countries are a list, so i created a Boolean module. 

1 - UK 

2 - IT

3 -DE 

I don't think i've set this module/lookup correctly. The second part of the formula is returning correct values, not the first part. First part is also doing the same as last part of formula. 



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  • DavidSmith
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    You have time in the boolean module.  I suspect you don't need time in this module (unless the logic varies by time) If you are not using time in the downstream model then there is no automatic Top Level item for time as other lists. 


    The module should just be by the Country list.  Also, I appreciate you might be still building, but I would give the 1, 2 and 3 line items more meaningful names.  When using booleans I usually add a ? to the end of the line item to signify that is it a boolean check

    I hope this helps