Month to Date Formula




I'm trying to use month to date formula. It doesn't look like it's working correctly. 


cumulative amount should never decrease if i'm adding values month on month. 





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  • DavidSmith
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    The MONTHTODATE function will reset each month, so I'm guessing the summary options you have set are different for the different line items


    If you want the values to cumulate each month and reset at the end of the year, then use YEARTODATE, otherwise use CUMULATE


    I hope this helps



  • Hi @hinamahmood1994 


    The month to date formula has the following constraints:

    - Source Time Scale must be Day or Week.
    - Cannot be used, if model timescale is General Weeks.

    Therefore it's best to follow @DavidSmith advice to use the YEARTODATE or CUMULATE functions.





  • So it was originally yeartodate. Since it wasn't showing right numbers I changed it. Realised issue was time summary needed to be close balance instead of sum. That fixed the issue. 


    Thanks for your help! 🙂