New UX - ‘Publish selected line items to dashboard’ on Cards


Hi, I’m wanting to add a card on the below Worksheet in the new UX, and I’ve got 2 questions/enhancement suggestions.


Firstly, when I’ve pivoted my saved view to how I want to show it in my card, I only want to see the text box, and in my saved view, I’ve reduced the left hand column, to 6pixels in length, but when it shows in the new UX view, the left hand column (blank), doesn’t reduce in size, and so my ‘description’ column isn’t shown properly.

I’ve been able to manually drag this column to reduce its size, but then it defaults back to the size shown here when I close the worksheet page down.


Ideally, what I’d like to be able to do is to publish the ‘description’ line item text box, as a ‘Publish selected line items to dashboard’, as we do in the current dashboard functionality – is this available, or will it become available?


Thanks, Andrew.


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  • Miran
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  • A thousand times this!

  • Wonder if you use the "field" card might give you roughly what you want.

  • @andrewtye, using a field card as a filter is a workaround -- it'll do the job, but it's not a replacement for just having the functionality. 


    What would actually be great is to publish a real page selector like in the old UX -- with the same functionality as other page selectors, like choosing in the NUX what it syncs with, and not having to click the refresh button to make your filter changes come through. 

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Would be great to have the ability to add a text card anywhere on a Worksheet instead of the right hand panel. We want to keep the look and feel consistent for the users and have the instructions at the top of the page. 

  • Hi @AndrewClark,


    Do you happen to know if an option with publishing selected line item to New UX has been added?





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