Fiscal Calendar Lookup


I am trying to lookup (using the lookup formula) the fiscal year, fiscal quarter, fiscal period and fiscal week using the date an item was sold. We have a calendar module that contains all of the conversions (date, FYear, FQuarter, FPeriod, and FWeek). Sales are tracked using Fiscal Week End Date so my formula for fiscal period is as follows:


Calendar.FPeriod[LOOKUP: Fiscal Week End Date]




Fiscal Week End Date comes from the sales module

FPeriod comes from Calendar module

I am trying to bring the FPeriod where the date associated with FPeriod is equal to Fiscal Week End Date into the Sales module.


I should also mention that our fiscal time does not match the time Anaplan uses. 





  • Yes, you could aggregate data by custom Fiscal period. I think you missed your question..

  • Hi Taylor,


    Lookup will only work if the line item you are using (Fiscal Week End Date) has the same list dimension as the module you are refering to (Calendar). So in this case your calendar module needs to be build with the same list as the format of your 'Fiscal Week End Date' line item. Just a note; if the calendar module is on the Anaplan time dimension Day then the format of 'Fiscal Week End Date' should be date.


    Hopefully a bit better to understand, let's say the Calendar module is using the FDays list, where you have populated all the days you want. Then the 'Fiscal Week End Date' needs to have the format FDays


    If this currently is not the case, then you would probably need an additional line item, translating the 'Fiscal Week End Date' line item to the FDays list.