Import data to a module - have code info in file but List has code description




I want to import data into module which has Account list, where Account list has code-description format

Example '1000004 - ABC'


My Source file has account code only with balance. i,e

Account     Balance

1000004    200$



while importing source file unable to map account code with account full name in list.

Note: This is not a numbered List







  • HI @AshaPatil,

    Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

    Step 1: Create a flat list with the source file by taking code as a unique identity.

    Step 2: Create a module with that flat list and import the other attributes data by creating line items in this module.

    Step 2: Then in your destination module, create a relation between Account list and Flat list thru 'FINDITEM' as you have Account code in both the places. (In account list take only code by the use of LEFT,RIGHT OR MID)

    Step 3: Then bring in the data to your destination module thru LOOKUP.

    Hope this helps.



  • It is a good practice to use code for import. You could maintain code of the list with just the account code and in the Name of the list you could maintain "Code - Description".  By this way, when you import the file which has the code, will flow in seamlessly.




  • Hi @kavinkumar 


    Thanks for response.


    I have already list with 'Account Code-Description' and that this list has parent and code which matches with my source file code.

    Is there any other way if I don't want to create a new List here as it will be a data duplication again.




  • HI @AshaPatil,

    No, this is the only way. Or you have to change the Account list's code to have only code not with Desc if code is the unique identity without desc.



  • Echoing the comments above, you should have a the code separately in the file.  Descriptions often change, code rarely do.  The maintenance of Code+Desc far outweighs adding an additional column in the source


  • Hi @DavidSmith,


    Thanks for response