Inputting a formula based on range of dates


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I'm fairly new to Anaplan and have a module that gets start period and end period. What I want to do is use these time range in order to set a specific amount based on a formula.


I want to apply a specific formula on the time periods with respect to the start period and end period. To give an example, in one cost center, the start and end period is Jan 19 to Jun 19 respectively. I want to compute for the allowance for this specific range. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jad Daffon

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  • Can you try something similar to the following,





    You can do a calculation if the Boolean is true.




  • Hi Sir @ArunManickam,


    The time period that i'll use as reference is formatted as time period (months). Is there a way to this months similar to the date format that you have provided?


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  • HI @ArunManickam 

    Sorry for the late revert. This worked perfectly. Already applied it to our model for allowance computation. Thank you very much for your help!


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    Jad Daffon

  • Hi,


    I tried to apply the same logic. However for me the start and end date is coming from a different module.Both the line items are date formatted. I am getting below mentioned error. Just for your information I am creating a Boolean line item to clear data which falls under this specific time range. In this boolean line item I am trying to write the formula.


    Can you please help me on this.  

    Thanks in advance.


  • @NehaSharma  change the data type to "Time Period" "Month"



  • Thank you!