Loading parent/child DRM file to Anaplan

Hi All,


I have a source file with Parent/Child and node Levels, total 7 levels max. 

I want it to Load it to Anaplan list(7 different list) at different list levels.


we are creating 7 different load files to load at different levels in the list, is there any other way to eliminate the 7 load(1 process) and do this in one single file load.









  • Hi, Since there are multiple targets, they can't be updated in a single action, However you can create multiple actions and add them to a process.
  • Hi @Niranth ,


    So we end up in loading seven different files , seven times right?




  • Hi @MadhabikaM ,


    You can create 1 file with all the level, and create multiple actions each for one hierarchy, and you can add all these actions to the process. When you run the process after publishing to the dashboard, it will ask for only one file to load.


    Hope this helps. 

  • Hi @Niranth 


    Sorry but I could not get this.

    You can create 1 file with all the level, and create multiple actions each for one hierarchy.


    I have 7 different list and how do I load one file to 7 diff lists, each level is a parent of above level.

    If I load in same file,anaplan is creating all parent child in one list(used for load).




  • Hi Madhu,


    I'd suggest you would load the lowest level list first (without parents) with the complete file and load the file to a module containing the lowest level list. 

    From that module you can then create a view for each higher hierarchy (with isfirstoccurrence).

    Then create 1 action per hierarchy to import into the list, starting with the highest hierarchy.

    The last action you need to create is to update update your lowest hierarchy again, as the parents need to be assigned.


    Then you would need a process that does all the actions:

    1) Import file into lowest hierarchy list

    2) Import file into module

    3) Import from module into highest hierarchy list

    4 - 9) import from module to other hierarchies

    10) Import from module to lowest hierarchy list (updating the parents)


  • Hi @MadhabikaM ,


    You cab create a file like this 




    With all the Parent-child relations for all levels. Update a each hierarchy a time, L1, L2 and so on. You can combine all these actions in one process. going forward you only load this one file to update all hierarchy.