New UX should allow publishing Page Selectors


Currently, New UX only shows page selectors which are dimensions of modules.


In classic dashboards, we have the ability to publish any list as a page selector on any dashboard. For example, we publish parent levels(of module dimensions) as page selectors.


This is a must to have feature. We feel that New UX is a step backward from current dashboard functionalities.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • jon

    I agree 100%


    It is challenging to set up parent selectors for child list item syncs on a board. 

  • 100 % agree.  We want to publish a higher level of countries in page and display lower level cites on dashboards.  Not possible with New UX..

  • Fully agree. This feature and several other basic features (such as publishing lists, hard returns in text areas, width resizing, cell wrapping) are missing from the new UX currently, so I can't see anybody investing the time to use the new UX when it does less than the current one.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This is vaguely possible now. What you can do is publish the module and then on the face of the page select the relevant dimension, click "show/hide"



    and select the level that you're after




  • Thanks, Andrew.

  • Hi,


    @andrewtye very true indeed, but it would be nice to have the possibility of doing the same with a native time dimension. 

    E.g. All the modules published are dimensioned by months, but I want the ability to change the years, now the time drop-down gives me everything and we can't select levels with time.





    Or am I missing something? 


    Thanks, Andris


  • Indeed, sometimes it is tricky to have the desired page selectors in NewUX. It would be easier to have the possibility to publish the selectors similar to classic dashboards. 


    @Ingilavicus To have the year selector in NewUX, you need to publish a card based on Year module.





  • Questions:

    1- Do you want to choose which selectors go into the Page level context area?

    2- Or would want them as separate cards/objects that you can drag and place on a page? If yes do you have some examples of why these would be needed?


    General point on status - We have made some good steps forward since Jul 2019 when this was raised.

    You can now show/hide, select levels and add filters.

    To the point where I think we've almost solved the majority of the needs.







  • @simon_ritchie ,


    In my experience, it's really only the native time dimension that is sometimes giving me issues. The show/hide and filter for time is available only when a card with time dimension in page selectors is published. Otherwise, if I just publish a card with time in rows or columns,  I don't have the options to change the time selector and by default, it shows all items:



    Not being able to publish page selectors to pages just makes it a bit more difficult working with these scenarios. You always have to publish a second card that is pivoted in a way that the time is on page selectors for these options to be made available. 


    Maybe I'm missing something? 




  • 100% agree. Definitely needed

  • +1 for really needing this to get closer to parity with existing UX.  Specifically, instances of multi level lists are difficult to work with in the context of the current functionality


    @simon_ritchie Definitely would want separate cards and objects for a few instances:

    • You have a grid with a bottom level hierarchy, but you only want to have the parent hierarchy as the selector (i.e. select your business unit to get your employee list and not show employees)
    • You have too many selectors in the page and want to be better align them to the areas of the board they are impacting.  This is partially helped by the selectors on cards functionality, but it's not as flexible as freeform. 
    • The page selectors don't give good context on the selection being made.  With the ability to have selectors in the board UX, you can add a title or context, i.e. "Select your business unit: " before the selector.
  • Is there a resolution to this problem yet? show/hide options are not available on all the dimensions and hierarchies. As of now, what is the best way to show only the parent level as page selector?

  • @himanshu.badhai  for Worksheet pages there is no workaround. 


    For Board pages, on the same page where you have a grid card with that list in Rows or Columns,  you need to publish another card where the same list is in page and the selectors of both cards will be merged.


    For the page list selectors, it is possible to show/hide elements and because the selectors are merged, the show/hide is also valid for the grid card. 

    Hope it helps




  • Has there been any added functionality for publishing a list to a dashboard as a page selector? I know selectors are automatically added to the top when a corresponding dimension is published to the board, but I would like the ability to put a page selector anywhere on the dashboard, like the old UX.

  • Agree that users should be able to publish any list as a page selector. It's these types of required workarounds, that are deterring users from using the New UX.

  • I'd like to cast another vote in favor of this New UX enhancement. I'm personally struggling with a grid card that is dimensioned by the bottom level of a hierarchal list, but I want to have the parent level as the selector. 


    In other pages, I've created a work-around by substituting a text card with a page link for a card with a source module that includes my desired dimension, then added the page link to it. This creates the illusion that the page link is exactly the same as it would've been, but now allows me an extra page selector. The issue with this method is that not all pages require links to other pages, and I cannot figure out a legitimate work-around without adding an unnecessary card to my page. 


    If possible, please consider this thread for a New UX enhancement in future updates.

  • This is much needed improvement

  • Pranjal


  • Any update on this?

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