Consolidate a sales plan




We have a new request from our sales ops to consolidate some plans. The ask is to consolodate two different sales titles, each from a different territory, each with a different quota component. The territories quotas are calculated differently however, but for the new consolidated sales title it will have the same quota component. Does anyone have this as their territory and quota plan and can give any insight?





  • Hi Amanda,

    I haven’t faced this kind of situation, but if ever it needs to be build in Anaplan, you can consider the following.


    If I understood your requirement right,

    Sales title 1 is mapped to Territory A

    Sales title 2 is mapped to Territory B

    Now, sales title 1 and 2 needs to be consolidated, though they are mapped to two different territories. And quota should be same as it was calculated based on their territory.


    If this is the case:

    • Create a separate list which holds all the consolidated plans. Call it ‘List A’
    • Have the mapping of list A in ‘Sales title’ list. Ex: In Sales title list map sales title 3 to title 1 & 2.
    • Sum your quota values by the property created in step 2.

    Hope this helps.




  • @aabalos 


    Can I assume that the two sales titles exist with two different hierarchies?


    If not, then the two sales title should be able to logically roll up into the parent.


    If this is not the case is it possible to create a parent and assign them via the general lists making sure to provide a top level summary. 


    If it is not straightforward to allocate a parent then create a separate consolidated list. Create two mapping modules using each of the sales title lists and a list.formatted line item using the new consolidated list. Map each item in the two sales title lists to the consolidated list and used the two mapping modules to aggregate the data into a new consolidated module.


    Use a combination of SUM to aggregate the data. 


    Something like Sales Data.Sales List 1[SUM:Consolidated Mapping List 1.Line Item] + Sales Data.Sales List 2[SUM:Consolidated Mapping List 2.Line Item]


    The line item must be formated as a the consolidated list.


    In any case a relationship needs to be established between the individual sales lists and a consolidated list. 

    This can be achieved either by incorporating them into a hierarchy or via a manual mapping table with each module dimensioned by the individual sales titles and a line item formatted as the consolidated list member.

    Both options involve creating a new list either as the parent of the sales titles or as a flat list holding the name of each consolidation.

  • Did you manage to resolve the issue?
    If so, what technique or method did you use?