I Have a requirement for that I need your help.


Module name: Summery module

Dimension in the module - Time, Category, Product, customer


I wanna move to all products(except fruits) sales data to one customer(AR Channel).

Fruits data move to another channel(FR Channel).



IF ITEM(Customer) = Customer.AR Channel then Sales upload.Total ELSE IF ITEM(Customer) = Customer.FR Channel THEN Sales upload.Total[LOOKUP: PRODUCT. Fruits] ELSE 0


But this formula was not working. How to move to some sales data to one channel and another portion of data to another channel.


Please help me with this






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  • rob_marshall
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    @sandeep_bk @UMAMAHESH @Niranth ,


    Ideally, you don't want to hardcode any formula using the "if Item(list) = List.Member" as this is bad practice (Planual rule 2.02-12).  Instead, think about creating a "calculation" module that gets the data, then use a Line Item Subset (dimenionalizes the line items), create a mapping module of the line items in the line item subset to the the list members (Channels), and then do a sum of the data.



    Hope this helps,




  • Niranth

    Hi Mahesh,


    Try using this formula,


    IF ITEM(Customer) = Customer.AR Channel then Sales upload.Total - Sales upload.Total[select:PRODUCT. Fruits]  ELSE IF ITEM(Customer) = Customer.FR Channel THEN Sales upload.Total[Select: PRODUCT. Fruits] ELSE 0



  • Hi Mahesh,


    Try this way, this might help. 


    Create one filter line item in the same module/Filtered module with a boolean format which checks the category (In your case Fruits)

    Once you have this, try your logic based on this boolean check. 


     For example : 


    Anaplan Community-2.PNG

    Source module :

    Anaplan Community-3.PNG

    Let me know if you need any help on this.