Help! My dashboard keep losing data/ syncing/ zeroing out!


My source module works, but for what ever reason this dashboard keep zeroing out. It will work fine in the beginning, but after I logged out or come back to it the next day. All the data will be gone and it will zero out even though the source module its fine.


Has anyone encountered this before? Any ideas?

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  • karank_*4578
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    @kdoan Your dashborad defaults to total accounts . Whats is your summary settings in the module ?
  • Niranth
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    Hi @kdoan,


    I feel the issue is with respect to the default level settings of the dashboard.


    What i suggest you to try is,

    1. Enable personal views, under dashboard




    2. Save the dashboard as "Save As My View" in the dashboard (when you can see the values).




    If this solves your issue, Try playing around with the 'initial page' in the dashboard settings





  • @kdoan ,


    I would look at the processes that are running.  Are they deleting lists (really shouldn't do this if you have created them properly)?  If they are deleting the lists, is the nightly process missing an action?  What do you do in order to get the data data to show up again?

  • Do you mean data is still available in the module but not in dashboard, or is it gone in both place.


    If it is only gone in the dashboard, look at the filters you have applied to the dashboard. Check the user access also, you being model builder, you could see the data in the module, but dashboard will show as per your user access.


    If it is gone in the module itself, then look at the import parameters. Are you clearing the destination before import.




  • kdoan


    There is no process that is deleting the list. The information is a formula that link to another module. I use a SUM to get the number from another module. The source module works and still have the correct information, but for some reason, the dashboard will 0 out. The dashboard will be correct for a few hours and then for some reason, all the number will be 0.

  • kdoan

    @ArunManickam It's not a user access issues. When I build the dashboard, everything works fine. It's also not a filter.

    Also, its only this dashboard that it happens too. I might need to contact support. 

  • This does seem very strange

    My first question in this situation is "what's changed"

    If the numbers are still in the module itself then it has to be something to do with the dashboard or filters

    Only think I can think of is, is related to a default page selector on another dashboard that you cant see?

    Make sure all of the page selectors on the module are visible and check all of the settings for the grid in the Dashboard Designer

    I hope that helps


  • kdoan

    @karkia What do you mean by summary setting? I belive its at all Summary level. In the module, I used several COA level and pivot to get my dashboard. 

  • Hi @kdoan 


    After the recent infrastructure updates in Anaplan, i had observed similar kind of problems in existing dashboards in few models. 

    Just re-create the dashboard by publishing the module again in new DB. It should work fine.




  • I am not sure if i understand this problem clearly.


    You have 2 modules, source module and your destination module with formula which is displayed in the dashboard. Is the data available in your source module and not in your destination module with formula, then we need to inspect the formulas. 


    If data is available in module, and not in dashboard. It should only be due to filters and user access.