Get value of Day(numerical) from Timescale Day


Hi Team,


I have a module in which the Timescale is Days. Now I need to get the Day from the date. E.g. for a time period 26 Jul 2015, I want to get 26 as my day. Could you please guide me on how to do that.



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  • An alternative approach is to use a combination of ITEM and DAY.




    This formula will query the current time period and then return the day value formatted as a NUMBER. 

  • No, the DAY function can only accept date as input argument. So it does not accept the time list members.


    It could be something like this..DAY(START(ITEM(Time))), I prefer DAY(START())




  • @ArunManickam 

    Yes, you are correct. 


    ITEM will return a time period format NOT a date format which would not be compatible with DAY().

    In that case I would also recommend your solution -