Ability to select only the first column/dimension of a module


In many modules and use cases, the row dimension is useful information. Hence the first column of a module contains a code/name that customer would like to use to search for in another selector/page. 


Currently, Anaplan behavior when you click on the row header, is to select the whole line.

In order to manage this issue, we have to add an additional column, which uses space (both in GB and screen space, which is scarcer even)


I'd like the possibility (or the default) to select only that first element so customer can copy it and paste it in subsequent dashboards.

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  • Miran
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  • Users need this very much, they need to copy values from the dimension often within and across applications.


    To add to this, in module blueprint, when we select the line items, only the line item name must be selected and not the entire row, hence we can copy line items. This will be helpful for the model builders.





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