Need to create multiple version comparison

Hello Anaplanners - I am trying to add a 2nd column on this module that calculates variance between 2H Budget minus Forecast as you can see in the 2nd pic.  1st pic shows my versions.   Every time I attempt to create a new row for this calculation, I get the error that you can see in the 3rd pic.  At a past company, I was able to essentially stage the data because our versions module had a "Parent" column.   Is there an effective workaround to calculate the a 2nd variance column as I'm trying to do?  Many thanks.Versions.jpgReport.pngError.png

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  • jnoone
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    Hey - Can you add in single quotes so formula reads instead:  forecast - '2h budget'.  I don't think it likes you are including numeric values that are not escaped in your formula.




  • @rtriguer 


    As @jnoone says, sometimes the ' s are needed. so if in doubt, point and click rather than typing in.


    Generally anything other than a space (e.g. -, >, number etc.) will need 's.