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I have Account List, when my target list is updated with new member can it be highlighted in Dashboard. 

And Also when change in parent of the member can it be highlight.


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  • Hi @VIGNESH.M 


    Thanks for response, the solution works.


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  • Hi @VIGNESH.M ,


    I have one Q on below, the provided solution works perfect to flag any delta change,

    i,e a new member added or parent node has been changed or description has been changed between two load files.


    but is there any possibility ,where I can flag what is the kind of change has happened from any of the above three checks.

    I mean that delta flagged member is a new addition, or parent changed or desc updated change.

    Also I want to flag them by different colours.


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  • Hi Madhabika,


    Now we are comparing Checksum vs Checksum old to find is there any delta?


    If you want to find out, which attribute caused the delta?, then you have to copy all the 3 attributes to another column and compare it as shown below




    Vignesh M




    Thanks for your response, this worked fine for me.