Clearing anaplan data before new load


Hi all,


I have a module with data value against every month, and my process takes care of loading the new file data to the module.

before loading new data file, I want to have a action to cleanup the existing data and the load the file data.

Dont want to delete the target list here, but only the data in the module.






  • Hi,

    It's a 2 step process.
    Step 1: Create a line item "Zero out" in your Target module and load this value into your target line item.
    This will clear out the existing values.
    Zero Out --> Demand, in the same module

    Summary of the new line item is none and formula is 0.

    Step 2: Load the new value from your file.

    ~Vignesh M

  • Hi,


    Alternatively, you can use a standard feature within the import action shown below.

    Since the 'clearing' options appear on each tab, choose 'All items' for the list of which you intend to clear ALL items.


    Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.13.44 AM.png



  • I agree with @LipChean_Soh ,  You should use the standard clear option, you could simply clear 'All items' in the Line items tab. That is like beginning with a clean slate every time you run the action.

  • Yes, I totally agree with you Arun.
    We should use anaplan standardized process.

    If we want separate action in a dashboard to clear and input the data in dashboard, then we need a separate "Zero Out" action.

    If it's upload only , then we should use Anaplan standard action to clear all items and load it.

    Vignesh M
  • HI Guys,

    What if I want to clear only one line item and don't want to disturb the other line items(Manual inputs). So it is best practice to use 'All mapped items" so that you will not loose any other data.

    @MadhabikaM If you want to create an action, go with the approach of creating line item and make it as No data as this will save your model size(This will clear out for any formatted line item ex. Number, Text, Boolean, list etc.) and import into your desired line item.

    I hope this helps.