If date falls within a date range in a list, then apply the end date of the date from the list



I have the following:

• Module with a column for Lease Ending Date - My particular date I'm using for this example is 7/14/19

• List built that houses bi-weekly ending dates the Lease Ending Date can fall into (Goes from 2/3/19 to 2/17/19 to 3/3/19, etc.) - The date range the Lease Ending Date falls into is 7/8/19 - 7/21/19. (Image of List attached)


In a new column, I want a formula that will look at the Lease Ending Date, determine which date range the Lease Ending Date falls into within the list and apply the end date, 7/21/19 in this case, as the result


Can someone please help me build out a formula for this?




  • Hi,


    The easiest way I've accomplished tasks like this it to create a child list (to your Bi-Weekly End Dates) and list out the children dates that should be included... then to a lookup to fetch the parent.


    For example

    List 1  item :  3/3/19

        Child list 2 items as children of 3/3/19
















    Do the FINDITEM on  list 2, then lookup the parent using the FINDITEM result.








  • @jk1nn1ck 


    What you are faced with here is a mapping problem - how can Anaplan map the 'Lease ending date,' to the 'Bi-weekly ending dates.'


    Mappings can be established either within list properties or a module. However, as the mapping is from a one to many we can not use list properties as we will not be able to add a range of dates to each 'Bi-weekly ending date,' in a list property. 


    Therefore, I would recommend building a new module dimensioned by the Anaplan 'Time' dimension and containing one line item which has been formatted as the list, 'Bi-weekly ending date,' and name this line item as per the list name, 'Bi-weekly ending date.'


    Then for each date in the time dimension allocate it a, 'Bi-weekly ending date,' list item. 


    I would recommend that you build this in excel and import via a csv as this may be time consuming.


    Now you are ready to build the formula which will reference the mapping module and pull the relevant Bi-weekly ending date. As long as your target module contains a time dimension all you need to do is reference the 'Bi-weekly ending date,' in the source ( the mapping module ) to pull through the relevant bi-weekly ending date.


    Even if you add additional dimensions to your target this should no impact on how the b-weekly ending date pulls through to your target. Just ensure that the line item in your target is formatted to DATE.


    Hope this helps,