Is it possible to have 2 different formula on the same line item?


I am creating a module that needs 2 different formula on a bunch of line item. Basically, if it's Actual, than its formula 1, if it's Forecast than it's formula 2. Is that possible, or am I better of creating 2 different module and using dashboard to create this?


I know i can confine the formula to Actual or Forecast in the line item but is it possible to have 2?


  • Misbah

    Hi Kdoan,


    Not sure if I understood your question correctly but Yes you can use two multiple formulae on the same line item. However try writing the formula in such a way that it fits Best practices of Anaplan so that your model performance doesn't hamper.

    You can use Anaplan's Default formulae like IF ISACTUALVERSION() Then xxx ELSE yyy, if you have only 2 versions

    You can also use SELECT function on versions if you want to play with the versions like VERSIONS.Forecast etc


    If it doesn't answer your query, please share a screenshot what are you trying to achieve I will be happy to assist you.




  • @kdoan ,


    Yes, you can do that only with Versions and you have to use a line item subset.  This feature is hidden, so go into the blueprint of the module, click Edit->Add Version Formula.


    For more information on this, please follow this link:


    Hope this helps,



  • Don't forget formula scope does give a few more "flavours" of choices and also Line item subsets can only be used for numeric line items



  • Hi Kdoan, have you tried using Formula Scope (All Versions except Actual) when you set up the line item formula? Hope it helps.